Wedding Day Detail Checklist- What all you need to know…

Wedding day detail photos, the icing on the cake of a wedding gallery…In this blog I talk about ALLL the gorgeous wedding details, what you should bring, and how to plan!

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February 28, 2022

Mary Pugh

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Let’s talk about something fun! One of my favorite things to photograph on wedding days…details! Detail shots are the perfect opportunity to capture the aesthetics of your wedding you’ve so carefully planned. In this blog we’re going to talk ALLLL about those gorgeous details and what all you need to keep in mind when planning for them…

tuscaloosa alabama wedding flat lay photography

Why are wedding day details important?

Are detail shots necessary? Absolutely not. BUT, are they important? In my opinion, YES! You have spent literally MONTHS nailing down every single aspect of your wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to see all the little aesthetic elements you’ve worked so hard on together in one place. It’s like the icing on the cake of a wedding gallery.

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When are details captured and how long does it take?

I typically start my wedding day coverage with detail shots. Timing of details depends on the amount of wedding day coverage you have. For instance, in a 10 hour wedding day, I can set aside up to an hour just for detail shots! On average, I set aside 30 to 45 minutes for details. In our planning process, I tell my brides to have all your detail items in one area, in a bag or box that is quick for me to grab and go! This will greatly increase the amount of time I have to capture those beautiful flat lay photos!

wedding and engagement rings taken at a wedding in tuscaloosa

I recommend gathering all your detail items together ahead of time, earlier in the week. The night before your wedding day can be hectic and brides often forget details they may want photographed. Put someone in charge of making sure both your engagement ring and both sets of bands are in your detail box before your photographer arrives. 

wedding day shoes taken at a wedding in tuscaloosa

Have your bouquet and extra florals delivered to the bridal suite…

What truly sets beautiful flat lays apart are beautiful florals! If possible, ask your florist to set aside a few extra florals and greenery for your details. Also, have your bridal bouquet delivered to the bridal suite before your photographer arrives.

sentimental wedding day items

Below is a list of common detail items:

• Wedding Dress

• Hanger (I always bring my own hanger if you don’t have a particular one you’d like to use)

• Veil

• Bouquet and any extra florals from florist for flat lay detail photos

• Invitation suite & any other paper goods (reception menu, wedding program, etc.)

• Engagement ring & both wedding bands

• Shoes

• Your old, new, borrowed, blue

• Vow books or any special sentimental items

• Accessories (garter, earrings, necklaces, any hair accessories, etc.)

• Perfume

veil flat lay shot taken in tuscaloosa alabama

Details take a little time and planning, but it is totally worth the effort when you see your final beautiful images! Learn more about my wedding day process and pricing here.

Some of my favorite wedding day detail items…

The Mrs. Box

Susan Standeffer Earrings

Gracefully Made Art Invitation Suites

Bella Belle Shoes

Something Bleu Shoes